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Hey, started seeing all these Asks about Fallout 4, and I’ve actually been keeping up on this for a regular basis. Bethesda bought the title for Fallout 4 awhile ago when they bought it from Interplay, who owned it through the creation of the first three computer games (1, 2 & Tactics). The reason we haven’t got Fallout 4 yet is because Interplay decided to rear its ugly head and sue Bethesda over the Fallout franchise, but the judge gave Bethesda the go-ahead to continue development

yes. this was in january, for anyone not keeping up.

Fallout 3 or New Vegas, and why?

new vegas. the mojave is an amazing place (in real life, not just the game. seriously gorgeous.), and i think the faction system was more interesting than karma. the game also felt more detailed to me, with the companion quests and iron sights and quantity of quests.


As much as I love Fallout 3 (mostly just because of Moira, but shhh), New Vegas is my favorite of the two. I feel like it was more interactive, had more choices, and was overall a better experience.

The companions were also a lot less boring, in my opinion, so that was a huge plus for me. I constantly spend so long deciding which companion I want to take with me at the time. A lot of the NPCs in Fallout 3 seemed very generic and boring to me, and the groups/factions didn’t seem very distinct or fleshed out. In Fallout 3, it was more like, “oh hey these people are here”, whereas in NV, it was like, “THESE people do THIS because they believe in THIS”. As such, I feel more strongly about the NPCs and groups in New Vegas because they spoke to me more than the ones in F3. 

The music seemed to fit the game more as well — wandering through the desert with country tunes (not that twangy, backwoods shit you hear nowadays) just seemed so right to me. 

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